Merrychef eikon® e4

An all-round high speed Merrychef

An all-round high speed oven, suitable for a busy kitchen, able to cook large volumes of high quality food at up to 12-15x faster than a conventional oven.  Still combining the Merrychef technology of convection oven, microwave power and impingement the Merrychef eikon® e4 also has a unique internal grease filter, which together with its catalytic converter, reduces grease build up even when cooking higher protein foods.

The ability to cook, toast, grill and reheat food, plus its easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen that is simple to use even by untrained staff, makes the Merrychef eikon® e4 perfect for convenience stores and restaurants.

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  • Built-in diagnostic testing
  • Easy to clean interior
  • Quiet operation: Less than 50dbA in standby
  • Accelerated Cooking Technology® combines three heat technologies:
    • Convection
  • Easy access front monitored air filter
  • Rapid cooking up to 15x faster than a conventional oven
  • Ventless operation
  • Cool to touch door exterior
eikon® e4
W x D x H 22" x 253/8" x 231/4"
55.9cm x 64.5cm x 59.1cm
Weight 181.9 lb
82.5 kg
Power Output 7.00 N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CENSF
Cool Down Pan

Cool Down Pan

Part Number: 32Z4028
1/2 size 100 mm deep
Mesh Tray, full size

Mesh Tray, full size

Part Number: 32Z4054
H25 x W343 x D292 mm
Paddle with hand guard and sides

Paddle with hand guard and sides

Part Number: SR320
W328 x D311 mm
Paddle without sides, ideal for pizzas

Paddle without sides, ideal for pizzas

Part Number: SR310
W328 x D311 mm
Solid Base Tray, full size

Solid Base Tray, full size

Part Number: 32Z4070
H25 x W356 x D305 mm
Tray Handle for use with 40H0230 and DX0117

Tray Handle for use with 40H0230 and DX0117

Part Number: SR313
H25 x W264 x D91 mm
Cook plates

Cook plates

Part Number: PSA299
Ideal for grilling and higher protein food (Pack of 4)
H25 x W246 x D279 mm

Flat Cook Plate

Flat Cook Plate

Part Number: PSA1248
H26 x W369 x D305 mm
Frame for PSA299 to catch grease

Frame for PSA299 to catch grease

Part Number: DV0343
H30 x W340 x D296 mm
Griddle Accessory Pack

Griddle Accessory Pack

Part Number: PSA1108

Griddled Cook Plate

Griddled Cook Plate

Part Number: DV0860
H26 x W360 x D305 mm
Non-stick baking/ roasting tray

Non-stick baking/ roasting tray

Part Number: 40H0230
H15 x W300 x D271 mm
Non-stick roasting tray liner

Non-stick roasting tray liner

Part Number: DX0254
W277 x D236 mm
Tray Handle for use with PSA1108

Tray Handle for use with PSA1108

Part Number: DV0344
H25 x W250 x D76 mm
Vitreous baking/roasting tray

Vitreous baking/roasting tray

Part Number: DX0117
H25 x W321 x D297 mm
Wire Rack

Wire Rack

Part Number: PDV0275
H32 x W362 x D290 mm
Moveable Oven Trolley

Moveable Oven Trolley

Part Number: 40H0098
H1200 x W700 x D690 mm

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