Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Food safe, high speed, high temperature cooking

Merrychef high speed ovens are designed to produce food quickly, they are NSF compliant and offer peace of mind for food safety and sanitation. Operating at high temperatures around 500°F (260°C) most bacteria are killed during the cook cycle. Food contact is minimized with paddles that are used to take food in and out of the oven and a wide range of accessories are available to reduce the need to handle food.

Cooking at up 20x quicker than other cooking methods will reduce customer waiting times, avoid long queues and help to keep both customers and staff safe. Merrychef is a versatile appliance that can cook, toast, grill and reheat, allowing you to streamline your operation by consolidating equipment making it easier to wipe down countertops and allowing operators to keep a safe distance from each other.

Merrychef is easy to clean it is a fully enclosed unit, all exterior surfaces can be easily wiped down including the operating screen. The cavity has smooth stainless steel walls with removable cooking plates making it easy to access and clean daily.

More information on how a Merrychef appliance can help you ensure you have a safe, hygienic work environment can be found below:
Sanitation Simplified

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features  

High Temp High speed


Cool touch exterior

easyTouch screen

Merrychef has the widest offering of enhanced sanitation solutions built into their ovens.

Merrychef ovens significantly speeds up the time it takes to cook hot food, up to 20 times faster than conventional cooking methods. Quicker food throughput supports safe social distancing, limiting customer wait time and avoiding long queues helping keep both customers and staff safe.

Merrychef is a high temperature oven, our recipes typically cook at 500°F (260°C) whether it’s from fresh, chilled or frozen food items. As most bacteria thrive from 40°F (4°C) to 140°F (60°C) you can be reassured that the Merrychef cooking environment will kill most bacteria. There is also a finely balanced cooking system to ensure even and consistent cooking and browning across all food items.

A Merrychef can easily switch between cooking, toasting, grilling and reheating food items it reduces the need for numerous small cooking appliances stream-lining the kitchen operation, freeing up space and making it easier to keep surfaces clean.

Paddles are available for all Merrychef ovens and come as standard with the eikon® e1s and eikon® e2s. The paddles along with other accessories such as tongs, cook plate liners, bowls and trays means there is minimal food handling required reducing the risk of any contamination, protecting staff and reassuring the customer.  For additional safety, sides around the paddle provide shielding for the operators when working with both hot food and a hot oven.

Patented air curtain technology delivers a pressurized cooling air flow system within the oven so the exterior surfaces are always cool-to-touch and there is a constant supply of cooling air over the top of the door handle when the oven is opened.  Not only does this provide safe operation and protection from high cooking temperatures compared to other cooking methods it also means that if necessary operators can comfortably work in protective gloves.

The easyTouch screen operates with single touches to icons, it can easily and regularly be wiped down to reduce any germ transmission and is resistive so will continue to function if the operator is wearing protective gloves or using a stylus.

Remote Connectivity 
All Merrychef ovens use Menuconnect software allowing oven set up and menu management via a standard USB memory stick, reducing the need for management to be present at the operation and limiting staff contact. 

Optional connectivity is available with either WIFI or Ethernet through our Kitchenconnect platform, which can automate menu changes to the ovens, provide useful data management insights into daily throughput, cleaning regimes as well as data for predictive maintenance.

Merrychef is the easiest to clean high speed oven in the marketplace. It is a fully enclosed unit; all exterior surfaces can be easily wiped down including the operating screen. The cavity has smooth stainless steel walls with removable cooking plates, it is easy to clean with no hard to reach areas.
The filter which needs to be wiped down daily is front-mounted and easily accessible. Merrychef has its own Cleaner and Protector available as well as a video tutorial on how to complete a daily clean of the oven.

Built in ventless capabilities using catalytic converters means there is no need to install a ventilation hood, this together with low amp plugs* and compact units that can fit on countertops, allow flexibility to position the oven almost anywhere, move it around if necessary, and save on set up costs for businesses needing to change their operation.   
*Merrychef eikon® e1s & eikon® e2s SP

Easy to clean


Easy to clean



Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features  

Cooking Accessories
Cooking Containers & Accessories
One-time usage containers, such as HAVI, SIX500 ranges and other similar high temperature resilient containers can be used in Merrychef ovens keeping food handling to a minimum and providing container options for food-to-go services.
There is a wide range of Merrychef accessories available, colored trays mean specific colors can be allocated to certain foods i.e. green for vegetarian meals. The accessories reduce food contact by staff, they are easy to wipe clean in-between each order and are dishwasher compatible.
Cleaning Chemicals
It has never been more important to regularly clean your kitchen equipment, the Merrychef oven should be cleaned every day. We have formulated a nonabrasive cleaning chemical and if used regularly it will quickly cut through any grease or food debris built up on your Merrychef oven. 


Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Shutdown and Restarting Procedures - 

Quick start guide - e2s - Pre January 2019

Quick start guide - e2s - Post January 2019  

  Quick start guide - e4s

  e1s Product Maintenance

  e2s Product Maintenance

  e4 Product Maintenance

  e4s Product Maintenance

Please refer to guidelines outlined in each specific product manual for detailed instructions.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources:


Cleaning guide - e1s

Cleaning guide - e2s - Pre January 2019

Cleaning guide - e2s - Post January 2019

 Cleaning guide - e4

 Cleaning guide - e4s

Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program  

Merrychef ovens are available for immediate shipment via our network of stocking distributors. (US and Canada only)
Download the Quickship Brochure >

Merrychef Quickship

E1s Cleaning Instructions

E2s Cleaning Instructions

E3 Cleaning Instructions

E4 Cleaning Instructions

E4s Cleaning Instructions

E5 Cleaning Instructions

Merrychef Daily Cleaning eikon e2 - Celsius

Merrychef Daily Cleaning eikon e2 - Fahrenheit


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