Merrychef eikon® e3

Bake, cook, toast and grill with only a Merrychef

The most flexible of all our ovens, the Merrychef eikon® e3 is the only high speed oven with a turntable for even browning and a three-tier cavity for flexible baking and cooking.  A single appliance that allows you to quickly move from baking off delicate croissants at high quality level, quickly heating up sandwiches, or cooking a meal, through to batches of breakfast items. 

The Merrychef eikon e3s allows you to serve hot food on demand at any time of the day, 5x faster than other cooking methods, making it ideal for cafes, bars, bakeries and convenience stores with the added benefit that the easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen ensures high quality, repeatable results, even for untrained staff.
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  • Built-in diagnostic testing
  • Microwave combination mode reduces cooking times by up to 6 times
  • Quick pre-heat time (15 minutes)
  • Turntable gives you extremely even browning
  • Ventless operation
  • Easy to clean interior
eikon® e3
W x D x H 231/2" x 21" x 213/4"
59.7cm x 53.3cm x 55.2cm
Weight 137.8 lb
62.5 kg
Power Output 4.70 N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CENSF
Pizza Trivet Rack

Pizza Trivet Rack

Part Number: 31Z1234
Specification Sheet
Cool Down Pan

Cool Down Pan

Part Number: 32Z4043
Specification Sheet
Circular Teflon Liner

Circular Teflon Liner

Part Number: 40H0190
Specification Sheet
Rounded Grill Tray

Rounded Grill Tray

Part Number: 40H0240
Specification Sheet
Turnable Disk

Turnable Disk

Part Number: 40H0249
Specification Sheet
Cast Turnable Tray Coated

Cast Turnable Tray Coated

Part Number: 40H0347
Specification Sheet
Chromium Plated Steel Rack

Chromium Plated Steel Rack

Part Number: DR0056
Specification Sheet
High Speed Oven Stacking Trolley

High Speed Oven Stacking Trolley

Part Number: 40H0098-002
Specification Sheet
Aluminum High Speed Oven Tray

Aluminum High Speed Oven Tray

Part Number: 40H0230
Specification Sheet
Rectangular Teflon Liner

Rectangular Teflon Liner

Part Number: DX0254
Specification Sheet
Handle for Tray

Handle for Tray

Part Number: SR313
Specification Sheet
Slotted Turner

Slotted Turner

Part Number: 32Z4034
Specification Sheet
Egg Ring

Egg Ring

Part Number: DV0390
Specification Sheet

Cleaning Videos

Merrychef Daily Cleaning eikon e3 - Celsius

Merrychef Daily Cleaning eikon e3 - Fahrenheit

Product Videos

Merrychef eikon e3

Merrychef eikon e3 e5 Brand Monitor Video

Merrychef eikon Series

Merrychef Good Food Faster

Product Interview: Merrychef - eikon Series

Brochure & Sell Sheets

Accessories Brochure

eikon e3 Flyer

CAD Symbols (AutoCAD)

eikon e3 2D

eikon e3 3D

Owner Instruction Manual

eikon e3, e4, e5 Ops Manual

Parts Catalog List

Legacy Parts Lists - all Models

Service Manual

e3 Service and Parts Manual - US

Software Firmware

eikon e3 firmware


Specification Sheets

Aluminium high speed oven tray - 40H0230

Chromium plated steel rack - DR0056

Circular Teflon liner - 40H0190

Cool down pan - 32Z4043

Egg ring - DV0390

eikon e3 US

High speed oven stacking trolley - 40H0098

Pizza trivet rack - 31Z1234

Rectangular Teflon liner - DX0254

Rounded grill tray - 40H0240

Slotted turner - 32Z4034

Turntable disk - 40H0249

Vitreous oven tray square - DX0117


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